Spartan Race + Savage Race + American Ninja + Wipeout = HONOR GAMES

This obstacle course adventure, combines the challenges of your favorite competitions. Challenges will often include water, soap, ice baths, foam pits, and other unique elements mixed into a course of inflatable obstacles.

Participants will have the opportunity to compete for individual and team medals. Each competitor can earn  points towards an overall Honor Games trophy awarded to the winning school.

The Honor Games are based on the values of the NEW GUY CODE and are designed for middle school boys and girls.

Consider Your Own Force:

You have the power to impact the attitudes and behavior of others, particularly the opposite sex. Consider their feelings, as you interact and share thoughts with and about them.







Consider Her Flaws:

 He understands that she’s not perfect and that from time to time she can do things that can put her in harms way. He watches over her and keeps her safe. He never takes advantage of the moment but rather protects her–even from herself.

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